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Have a query for us, we got you covered. Our major aims at are to help you get the best and cheapest hotel rates, flights ticket, and car hire services at reasonable prices.

Do you have a problem with your flight tickets or hotel bookings?

The best and quickest way to find answers to all your flights’ reservations and hotel booking problems is to contact the travel agent, airline, and hotel company you booked with; they are in the best position to give you direct answers to all your questions.

If you are having problems in knowing who you booked your trip with, we recommend checking your email box including your junk email to find any document or receipts relating to your trips, also, your credit card/debit card statement can prove valuable in getting the information about your booking.

Still have us in mind

You still have some information to pass across to us, you can direct your queries to this address  we definitely reply to your emails within 24 hours.